COVID-19 Banners and Graphics

COVID-19 Banners and Graphics

As many brick and mortar businesses, churches, and other organizations are starting to re-open, its important to post your business’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. We have already done a few graphics for various clients, and thought we would offer this service at a discount to those of you who may still need it.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Professional-looking graphics
  • Vector graphics (best for printing) that can scale to any size without looking grainy.
  • Custom graphics with your logo and/or custom messaging.
  • And you’ll get the hours of time back that you would have spent trying to do this yoruself 🙂

Example Poster

When you are ready to get your custom COVID-19 graphics, just email or call (901) 800-9770‬.

Thanks, and be safe!